Programme Framework

All modules run at up to 120 minutes excepting the Taster which can run up to 150 minutes.

Before commencing the programme a 'Group Leader' and 'Group Deputy' are assigned and an orientation email & questionnaire is sent to all participants.

Once the questionnaire is completed by all participants the programme begins.

Short (non-time-impacting) home practice is initiated in the first Taster module and encouraged using a WhatsApp Group managed by the Group Leader and Deputy and supported by AJ Bicât.

You can choose as many modules or off-the-peg programmes as you like, but the three Core Modules: Taster, Resilience and Communications; must be delivered weekly and first.

Module Structure

Each module contains three Practices (one new Practice and two Core Practices).

Modules then work on the basis of Discussion and Exercises.

Exercises can be anything from role play or group work to dyads.

Each module gives one or more specific business-applied 'Tools'. 'Tools' are simple short Practices with specifically targeted business scenarios or outcomes.


  1. Initiation - Your Organisation
    1. Group formed
    2. Group leader and deputy nominated
    3. WhatsApp Group formed
    4. Group participant details supplied to AJ Bicât
  2. Delivery - AJ Bicât
    1. Orientation email and 'informal contract'
    2. 'Before' Questionnaire
    3. Programme begins
    4. Programme ends
    5. 'After' Questionnaire
  3. Completion - AJ Bicât
    1. Individual and group 'Before' and 'After' results
    2. Certification

Module List

Click on each photo for a full module description.

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