What is MEQ®?

MEQ® is simply a concatination of mindfulness (M) and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Our MEQ® Leadership programmes apply mindfulness and emotional intelligence to reduce staff turnover, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity & employee engagement. The courses fit seamlessly into your company’s pre-existing learning and development (L&D) framework to allow for increased take up and to subvert the common perception of mindfulness being purely for wellbeing.

The human brain remains ‘plastic’, even in adult life, allowing it to adapt when we learn new tasks.
— Prof. Eleanor Maguire, University College London

Mindfulness Changes your Brain (Neuroplasticity)

Calmworks use mindfulness to promote neuroplasticity (ie. the human brain’s almost unlimited capacity to adapt and learn) to revolutionize the way we work, think and think about work.

Proof showing MEQ®’s ability to enhance the brain’s natural neuroplastic behaviour

fMRI Scans reveal changes in blood flow in the brain

  • Blue shows a reduction in blood flow

  • Red and yellow show an increase in blood flow

  • The first scan (a) shows the part of the brain responsible for our internal narrative sometimes referred to as our 'monkey mind'. The ‘monkey mind’ is the constant babble in our heads that distracts us all day long, “Why didn’t she say hello?”, “Why did he cut me up?”, “My presentation is going to be terrible I just know it.”

  • The second, third and fourth pairs (b, c and d) show the parts of the brain responsible for high use memory function (like RAM in a computer), emotional homeostasis (resilience) and our semantic processing respectively. As you can see all these areas of the brain see an increase in blood flow