The Taster

Length: 60-150mins
No. of Participants: 8 - 32

The Taster is the best way to introduce mindfulness and emotional intelligence to a large number of people in one sitting.

It takes novice meditators through the history, the neuroscience and three formal practices to give a rounded understanding of what applied MEQ® is and how to use it.

It was a great introduction into mindfulness. For many this was their first encounter with the practice of mindfulness and they felt that the session was very manageable. Well-paced, the perfect balance between theory and practice with enough time for questions. Alexis was calm, attentive, knowledgeable and engaging. So a big thanks to AJ Bicât!
— Kylie Spencer - Careers Project Director, NABS


I enjoyed being introduced to something I was previously sceptical about.
— Anonymous, Criteo
It will help me to switch off from personal matters and help focus.
— Anonymous, Penguin Random House
Loved it, initially scared to introduce it to colleagues but enjoyed the open-minded approach.
— Anonymous, YPlan

Aj Bicât - Lead Facilitator

Aj Bicât - Lead Facilitator

What to expect:

  • Takes place in a meeting room, other appropriate area in your office (or on our campus)

  • A warm welcome and pooling the knowledge in the room

  • The neuroscience behind MEQ® and its benefits at work

  • The history behind mindfulness and its roots in integrative medicine

  • Three guided mindfulness practices graded to introduce proficiency in a short space of time

  • Group discussion and feedback

  • Practical tools and techniques that can be applied starting immediately

I feel that incorporating meditation into my life will undoubtedly improve my overall wellbeing which will feed down into my work.
— Anonymous, Cisco
Mindfulness = lower stress = greater productivity = higher self satisfaction.
— Anonymous, Forward Partners
The Taster helped me see how I can prioritise, realise and tackle tasks which feel overwhelming.
— Anonymous, Decoded