Our MEQ® Leadership Programme enables Participants to find and develop the leader inside themselves, own their time keeping and master team dynamics.

From day one, they make meditation a part of their everyday lives and learn tools that can be used in any scenario to remain calm, focused, productive and emotionally stable from day one.

It will bond your teams together in a way that would be a lot more costly with other conventional team activities.
— Sam Mason - CTO, Steer

Participants are coached with weekly direct contact modules and encouraged with interim updates via a Buddy Group.

Right from the start the group framework and the sharing of personal intuitive experience allows learning and development to come from all sides.

I have used the techniques and tools to help me both inside and outside of the work environment. Just taking time out to actually stop, breath, free your mind before moving ahead is so powerful!
— Assoc CIPD Skills and Capability Group - Department for Work and Pensions

Modules and Programme Structure


Programme Structure

MEQ® Leadership can be configured as three consecutive days or for best results three weekly 150min modules followed by one final All Day Class containing three modules.

Each module follows this basic pattern:

  • Introduction

  • First Practice (guided meditation)

  • Module Topic

  • Group Exercises or Dyads

  • Discussion

  • Second Practice

  • Tools (short applied mindful practice)

  • Final Practice

  • Homework



MEQ® has long lasting proven benefits that include: improved productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work, as well as a marked positive effect on overall health. Increasingly, organisations use MEQ® to build individual resilience alongside team bonding and communications.


Improves Health

On average employees report a 29% reduction in perceived stress

Boosts Productivity

Productive time per employee shown to increase by 38 hours per year

Engages Employees

91% of people believe it positively adds to workplace culture