Our One on One Programmes use the same principles of Mindfulness (M) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) from our corporate programmes but add the personal touch by putting you in a direct one on one relationship with your tutor

At the time I took the course, I was leading protracted and tricky negotiations and mindfulness gave me the resilience and fortitude to approach them in a calmer and more relaxed way
— Director for HR Services - Department for Work and Pensions

What does One on One Teach?

The One on One Programme enables participants to make meditation a part of their everyday lives and develop tools that can be used in any scenario to remain calm, focused, productive and emotionally stable.

Participants are coached with weekly direct contact modules or as and when required.


MEQ® Wellbeing

MEQ® Productivity

MEQ® Leadership

I have used the techniques and tools to help me both inside and outside of the work environment. Just taking time out to actually stop, breath, free your mind before moving ahead is so powerful!
— Assoc CIPD Skills and Capability Group - Department for Work and Pensions


MEQ® has long lasting proven benefits that include: improved productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work, as well as a marked positive effect on overall health. Increasingly, organisations use MEQ® to build individual resilience alongside team bonding and communications.


Improves Health

On average employees report a 29% reduction in perceived stress

Boosts Productivity

Productive time per employee shown to increase by 38 hours per year

Engages Employees

91% of people believe it positively adds to workplace culture

MEQ® One on One
from 45.00

Person to person mindfulness and emotional intelligence sessions in your home for people with busy lives.

  • 1 x 45min class (MEQ®)
  • 1 x 120min class (MBSR™)

Please note if it takes longer than 30mins to reach you from Central London by public transport, additional charges are incurred.

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