The MEQ® Free Programme is a weekly course with minimal time impact designed to help busy workers apply Mindfulness (M) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at work. What's more it's free!

Ten engaging fifteen minute modules are packed with information as well as one formal guided practice.

Participants are taken on a journey to understand their emotional responses and build strength and resilience in the work place from day one.

What Does the Course Teach?

MEQ® Free shows participants the history, science and neuroscience behind meditation and how to make it part of their everyday working lives.

The live (and then on demand) modules, allow participants to take part when it suits them; and the routine framework provided by the programme allow participants to experience the efficacy of daily practice.


  1. History
    Learn how to meditate and discover the origins of MEQ®

  2. Making Time
    How to integrate significant formal practice into your morning routine

  3. The Triune Brain
    A simplified method of understanding how emotional intelligence works

  4. The Seven Tenets of Mindfulness
    Get a deeper understanding of the principles behind your moment by moment exploration

  5. Neuroplasticity
    Proving that mindfulness enhances the brain's natural ability to grow

  6. Digital Distraction
    Minimise distraction - both digital and real - by learning a practice for those who have particularly busy minds

  7. The Body Scan
    Learn the most popular mindfulness practice in the world

  8. Resilience
    Discover the key to your personal power and resilience by learning a practice called The Mountain

  9. Communications
    Learn how to communicate in business like never before

  10. Conflict Resolution
    Learn how to resolve conflict using MEQ® and how to embed these practices at your company



  1. 10 weekly fifteen minute webinars

  2. Between four to sixteen minutes of formal practice every weekday for ten weeks

  3. Feedback Form and Orientation and Closing Questionanires


  1. MEQ® Free Certification

  2. More emotional stability

  3. Less Digital Distraction

  4. More efficient monotasking

  5. Before and After Performance Metrics

Example Module