This has been truly life changing
— HR Business Partner - Department for Work and Pensions


CSL Gateway 5346 Leadership L&D Events are programmes of learning that have been specially designed for CSL to teach Leadership using the principles of Mindfulness (M) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). These events reconnect participants' often forgotten skills, personal power and resilience with the confidence to act.

Throughout the programmes, participants are taken on a journey that helps each understand their emotional responses and builds strength and an understanding of their own leadership style that can be applied immediately.

AJ is clearly an expert in his field.
— HR Director General - Department for Work and Pensions

What do the Programmes Teach?

Gateway 5346 shows participants how to discover & develop the leader inside themselves, make meditation a part of their everyday lives and develop tools that can be used in any scenario to remain calm, focused, productive and emotionally stable.

Participants are coached with weekly direct contact modules and encouraged with daily updates via a 'Buddy Group'. Right from the start the group framework and the sharing of personal intuitive experience allows learning and development to come from all sides.

Each Event begins with an Orientation Questionnaire sent by email two weeks before the first contact session and then ends with a Closing Questionnaire & certification.

At the time I took the course, I was leading protracted and tricky negotiations and mindfulness gave me the resilience and fortitude to approach them in a calmer and more relaxed way
— Director for HR Services - Department for Work and Pensions
I have used the techniques and tools to help me both inside and outside of the work environment. Just taking time out to actually stop, breath, free your mind before moving ahead is so powerful!
— Assoc CIPD Skills and Capability Group - Department for Work and Pensions


The two programmes have been designed in conjunction with Department for Work and Pensions and bring enhanced leadership & productivity to your teams through MEQ®.

Both events can be completed in as little as four weeks or paced to suit the needs of the team.


(max class size: 16)

  • The Taster
    Learn the neuroscience and history behind MEQ®, experience three mindful practices designed to efficiently build confidence in the technique and discover how to fit your preferred practice into your daily routine
  • Resilience
    Learn the current scientific theories on cortisol, its immediate effects on the body and its role in stress related illness & cognitive neuroscience. Participants trial the specific technique that enables them to break the 'stress reaction cycle’ under any circumstances
  • Communications
    Use the principles of mindful internal and external listening to completely change the way you communicate. Compassionately analyse body language to bring a more considered understanding to any situation
  • Bespoke Module - Productivity and Digital Distraction
    Use energetic self awareness, new ways of working and implement the best aspects of mono tasking for greater focus and efficiency. Regain control of the highly useful digital devices that all too often suffocate and enslave us

(max class size: 32)

As above plus:

  • Leadership Pt1: The Individual
    Use the core understanding of yourself and the rediscovery of the qualities you possess to bring unique personality and conviction to your leadership
  • Leadership Pt2: The Company
    Rediscover and re-embrace your organisation from the perspective of ethos, strategy and flux. Claim the common ground between your personal and your professional journeys to allow a more harmonious, mutually beneficial and delineated work-life balance
  • Leadership Pt3: The Team
    Natural 'hands on' compassionate management of a team that re-imagines Team Dynamics using the principles of MEQ®

Module Structure

Each module contains at least one new practice and follows the same basic structure. The first module introduces three practices to quickly develop proficiency and confidence. All modules have discussion, exercises and homework:

  • Introduction
  • First Practice (a practice is a guided meditation)
  • Module Topic
  • Group Exercises or Dyads
  • Discussion
  • Second Practice
  • Tools (short applied mindful practices that can be used anywhere)
  • Final Practice
  • Homework
Really great experience - actually life changing.
— Business Manager for Corporate Centre - Department for Work and Pensions


MEQ® Leadership has long lasting proven benefits that include: improved productivity, engagement and satisfaction at work, as well as a marked positive effect on overall health. Increasingly, organisations use MEQ® to build individual resilience alongside team bonding and communications.


Improves Health

On average employees report a 29% reduction in perceived stress

Boosts Productivity

Productive time per employee shown to increase by 38 hours per year

Engages Employees

91% of people believe it positively adds to workplace culture

"I would recommend this training...

“I had a half day session with AJ Bicât at work with group of colleagues. He helped me to understand this skill could be gradually developed by using daily meditational practice by spending a very reasonable amount of time on it. I would recommend this training as you will be getting tailor-made suggestions/practices based on your daily routine which will make it easier for you to invest on your well-being and peace.”

Silan Teymurtas - Business Development Manager, Cisco Systems

"...helped me become more focused and in control.

"AJ Bicât has an instantly calming influence. In the 2 hours we spent together I felt more relaxed and better prepared to approach my working day. With all the distractions that come. The practices he taught have helped me become more focused and in control. It’s amazing what can be achieved in such a short space of time."

— Marcus De Pfeiffer-Key - Account Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide



The graph shows the percentage of people who showed improvements in the key areas of Productivity while at work, Emotional Intelligence, Sleep and Mindful behaviour

"...especially interesting for those focused on authentic and values based leadership.

"I attended the mindfulness for leaders course. The content was valuable for my personal leadership, it was also aligned to driving engagement in teams and would be especially interesting for organisations and leaders that are focused on ‘authentic’ and values based leadership. AJ’s style is enjoyable, he clearly walks the talk."

— Kirit Kishan - Coach, Facilitator, Mindfulness Instructor, One of a Mind


Example Event: Leadership

Use MEQ® to create leaders who build extraordinary teams for next generation organisations