MEQ® Core Executive

MEQ® Core Executive is a pre-recorded three week on demand video programme, delivered by our lead instructor AJ Bicât.

The videos were re-recorded immediately after delivery during our first ever Mindful Leadership On Line Programme and represent the first three modules of that programme: The Taster (AKA The Journey), Resilience and Communications. These first three modules show very clearly how we introduce the basic principles of MEQ® and can be used in an interactive way just as they were during their first transmission.

As such this programme is perfect for CEOs, Executives, Managers and HR personnel who are interested in seeing our style and understanding the benefits of mindfulness first-hand, before purchasing one of our in person programmes or consulting with us about a programme for their team.

Just as with the in person programmes MEQ® Core Executive requires commitment from the start and signing up for this programme requires agreement to the following:

  • Watching three weekly 45min on demand video modules, which will be made available for forty-eight hours only* commencing midday Sunday 12 February and weekly thereafter
  • Making an informal contract with yourself to complete 4-16 mins of formal practice† every weekday from Tuesday 14 February to Monday 6 March
  • Completing an orientation questionnaire that will be sent on Monday 30 January
  • Completing a closing questionnaire that will be sent on Monday 6 March

Tools provided to help you complete the programme successfully

  • Before the start of the course you will receive an iTunes album** containing all the practices you need to complete the course
  • A short exercise will be emailed to you before each video module
  • Constant email contact with our lead instructor will be available to you
  • An invitation to a WhatsApp Buddy Group†† that will allow you to share your experience with others and encourage your daily formal practice

* Please note the onus is on you to schedule time in your calendar to watch the video modules. If you miss one you will not be able to catch up and you will not receive a refund

† What constitutes formal practice and how to build it in to your daily routine will be explained in the first video module

** Please ensure the email you supply during the checkout process is linked to your Apple ID (i.e. your iTunes account) If you do not have an iTunes account (i.e. an Apple ID) please set one up for free here

†† Please ensure the mobile phone number you supply during the checkout process is for the mobile phone that has WhatsApp installed. If you have not installed WhatsApp on your phone please visit the App Store or the Google Play Store and install it


Module Description

MEQ® Core Executive

Containing the modules: The Journey, Resilience and Communications this foundation programme teaches the neuroscience and history behind MEQ®, guides you through the process of embedding daily practice, brings emotional homeostasis to your work and home life and enhances your communication skills.

Your Commitment

On Line
Orientation Questionnaire
3 x 45min Modules
Closing Questionnaire

At Home
4-16 minutes of formal practice five days a week


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