Old Ways of Thinking Cost Time and Money

A mindless workforce is a ticking time bomb


Hours of productivity lost to distraction every day

£150 billion annual cost of work related stress

£150 Billion

Annual cost of work related stress

MEQ® training Increases Performance

Productive time per employee shown to increase by 38 hours per year with MEQ (Mindfulness and EMotional Intelligence) training

Boosts Productivity

Productive time per employee shown to increase by 38 hours per year

IMPROVES HEALTH Employees reported a 29% reduction in perceived stress

Improves Health

On average employees report a 29% reduction in perceived stress

ENGAGES EMPLOYEES 91% of people believe it positively adds to workplace culture

Engages Employees

91% of people believe it positively adds to workplace culture

Sources: Blackrock, Emindful, Perceived Stress Scale, Work Limitations Questionnaire, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index

Improvements Reported from MEQ® Training

Amalgamated MEQ® Programme Improvement Data

The chart shows the percentage of people who reported improvements in our four measured areas of: productivity (measured as health at work and absenteeism), emotional intelligence (EQ), sleep and mindful behaviour.

Two years of questionnaire data has shown that over 50% of participants taking our Core MEQ® Programme report improvements in all four areas.

The impact of a mindful workforce means less staff turnover, less absenteeism, better work life separation and more productivity.

Data source: AJ Bicât amalgamated programmes (2015 - 2016)

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fMRI scans reveal changes in the brain


Mindfulness thickens areas of the brain that allow us to bring our more contemplative selves to any challenge and thins areas of the brain that interfere with this process.

  • These four fMRI scans show increased (red) or decreased (blue) blood flow in someone who practices MEQ®

  • The Novice is represented only on the bar chart and not in the pictures, as you can see novices experience a much smaller median average change and in one case (c) even a negative change

  • The first scan (a) shows the part of the brain responsible for our internal narrative sometimes referred to as our 'monkey mind'. This is the constant babble in our heads that distracts us all day long. As you can see the mindfulness practitioner experiences a decrease in activity in this section of the brain. Over time this is referred to as a 'thinning' of the brain.

  • The second, third and fourth pairs (b, c and d) show the parts of the brain responsible for high use memory function, emotional stability and semantic processing respectively. As you can see these areas of the brain see a marked increase in blood flow and will 'thicken' over time

The human brain remains ‘plastic’, even in adult life, allowing it to adapt when we learn new tasks.
— Prof. Eleanor Maguire, University College London

AJ Bicât uses mindfulness and neuroplasticity (i.e. the human brain's almost unlimited capacity to adapt and learn) to revolutionize the way we work, think and think about work.

Mindful Nation UK

The Mindful Nation UK Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group is the first policy document of its kind. The report seeks to address mental health concerns in the areas of education, health, the workplace and the criminal justice system through the application of mindfulness interventions.

The recommendations in this report are evidence-based, sourced directly from experienced implementers, who report notable success in their respective fields and urge policy makers to invest resources in further pilot studies and increase public access to qualified teacher trainers.

Read the document in full here.

Sports Case Studies

Sports psychology has been around for years but recently incorporating meditation and yoga into pre-existing training routines has become widespread. 

When you're in the middle of a game it's only natural that your adrenaline pumps but are you connected to the present moment? Are you 'in the game' from the very beginning to the very end and all the way through?

In the video Kobe Bryant - one of the most highly decorated athletes in the world - explains what meditation means to him and how he practices.