Calmworks Newsletter | June 2019 | Mindfulnes at Work

Mindfulness at Work

How do I practice emotional intelligence and mindfulness at work?

Mindful and emotionally intelligent workers are not only healthier, more engaged and more satisfied, they are also less reactive, more productive and make less mistakes.

The graph above shows the reduction in moments of 'unmindful' behaviour over the course of a month for a group of twenty-two colleagues from the same organisation. 'Unmindful' behaviour includes things such as: stressing about future deadlines, dwelling on past mistakes, inattentive rushing, clumsiness and ‘zoning out’.

But how do you bring the benefits of your home practice into the workplace in a seamless and unobtrusive way that makes you feel comfortable in front of your colleagues?

Firstly the benefits of your home practice are wide ranging and completely unobtrusive. You might notice people saying, "You look very well," or, "I can't believe how calm you are," but your newfound ability to tackle challenges in a more contemplative way will not have any negative impact.

In fact, as you lose weight (for example) because your cortisol levels fall you will simply encourage others to take a greater share of responsibility for their mental and physical health. It's true your newfound 'skillfulness' might make some work colleagues jealous, but that is - quite literally - their problem.

But this only partially answers the question of how you actually practice MEQ® (mindfulness and emotional intelligence L&D) at work.

Our programmes teach Participants to use what we refer to as 'Tools'. These very short unguided (ie. learned practices) can be employed in almost any work situation starting immediately.

They are used hand-in-hand with the solid foundation of your formal daily practice so you and your place of work can reap the benefits of a more emotionally intelligent approach.

This June will see the release of many of our guided practices for free on Insight Timer culminating in the release of our flagship Mindfulness at Work course on Monday 15 July 2019.

So, click on the button below to have a look at what is available right now and prepare yourself for a totally new outlook on work and life this coming July.