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Calmworks® Newsletter | July 2019 | Gratitude & Forgiveness

Gratitude & Forgiveness

The importance of being grateful to yourself.

I came across a letter from one of my old Participants the other day. It was written to their partner as an expression of gratitude for their partner’s guidance, patience and compassion over a difficult period of mental illness in the Participant’s life.

I read the letter again with interest and something struck me.

Had this Participant also written a letter of gratitude to themselves?

Recovering from mental health does not happen in a vacuum, but it certainly does not happen without the enormous effort and huge shouldering of responsibility of the sufferer themselves.

I’ve re-written the letter below as though the person is now thanking themselves.


Thanking yourself is a pathway to forgiveness just as much as forgiveness is a pathway to thanking yourself.

And forgivness of oneself is truly one of the most powerful actions a human being can take.

A Thankful Letter to the Person who Helped me go Through my Issues

I know it was a hard time for me and I’m very sorry about that. I wish I could have been “fixed” sooner. But here I am, in the recovery zone and trying to put myself back together from all the difficult moments of the last three years.

I am writing to myself to say thank you! Thank you for being so patient, so compassionate, so kind.

Thank you for being able to love me, to see through to the real me, to trust me. Thank you for helping me to be stronger, to trust and value myself. To help me be the real me.

I am so grateful and lucky for having a person like me in my life.

I am just wonderful!

I don’t think there is any word that exists to express my gratitude. No word can show and express the love and gratitude I have for myself. I am just amazing! I just can’t believe how lucky I am!

I love myself and I wish I can give myself more than a thank you. I wish with time, I will be able to give back for everything I have done for myself.

In fact, I know I will do it.

I believe that I will have a wonderful life.

I believe and feel that I will be in harmony, kind, patient, compassionate with myself.

I believe I will have a nice stable and enlightened life.

Reprinted and changed with kind permission of Anonymous.