Calmworks® Case Study

Starting in 2014 Calmworks® pioneered mindfulness and emotional intelligence leadership training in the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions.

This is our story.


In Company Case Study

How do you find and develop the authentic leader in more of your employees?

The Department for Work & Pensions invested in advanced MEQ® training to find, support and develop leaders. MEQ® Leadership shows participants how to rediscover the leader that exists in all of us.

Why use MEQ®? 

MEQ® has long lasting and proven workplace benefits that include: productivity, engagement and satisfaction, as well as a marked positive effect on overall health. Increasingly organisations use MEQ® to build individual resilience alongside team bonding and communications.

At the time I took the course, I was leading protracted and tricky negotiations and mindfulness gave me the resilience and fortitude to approach them in a calmer and more relaxed way.
— Director for HR Services, Department for Work and Pensions

The Challenge

Delivery of an intervention that would enable the workforce to manage the ever changing landscape of welfare delivery and reform.

The Solution

MEQ® Leadership develops the foundations required for participants to delve into sometimes forgotten or simply side lined leadership qualities they already possess. This means participants develop authentic and unique leadership styles. 

By re-visiting the relationship between the worker and the organisation, a sense of mutual commitment, benefit and loyalty is re-established. The programme then re-imagines team dynamics and team management using the principles of MEQ®.

MEQ® Leadership brings powerful, long lasting and constantly evolving practical techniques, no matter what the confidence level. Even before the end of the programme, participants are ready to apply their new found skills.

AJ Bicât is clearly an expert in his field...
— HR Director General, Department for Work and Pensions

Our Approach

Based on the organisation’s objectives and after two in-depth consultations, we designed a bespoke course geared for enhancing productivity, minimising digital distraction and finding and developing leaders.

We started by:

  • understanding the organisation’s objectives

  • understanding the inherent challenges

  • working closely with the senior team to ensure that the experience delivered was within the context of the organisation’s learning framework

What they got out of it:

  • individual and team capability reports highlighting strengths and opportunities for further development

  • a breakdown of the results using our four key characteristics (see above): productivity, sleep, mindful behaviour and emotional intelligence


DWP MEQ® Leadership Programme Improvements

The above table show the percentage of participants who showed increased productivity, emotional intelligence and mindful behaviour as well as better sleep after our seven module MEQ® Leadership Programme
This has been truly life changing.
— HR Business Partner, Department for Work and Pensions

The End Result? 

  • An emotionally resilient and positive workforce, able to manage the challenges posed by a rapidly changing landscape

  • Data showing key indicators that can be used to target specific objectives in development plans

  • Talent management and identification of individuals with the potential to develop into future leaders