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  • Calmworks works with companies to bring mindfulness-based skills and techniques into the workplace to improve performance 
  • We teach mindfulness as a simple (though not easy) skill that is built through understanding the neuroscience of how the brain works (Neuroplasticity, Automatic Negative Thoughts, Amygdala, Pre-Frontal Cortex, Cortisol) and a daily practice of evidence-based mindfulness tools and exercises

Performance for our Clients

Our corporate training is delivered in your office and/or online in one-time or multi-session formats. 
We also have excellent online courses that anyone can join.

How is Mindfulness Linked to Performance?

Mindfulness means being fully aware of what's happening, right now, without getting carried away by your thoughts or emotions. 

Without mindfulness, we are literally working 'mindlessly' -- multi-tasking frenetically, running into meetings unprepared, and letting anxiety dominate our days. Mindlessness kills performance at work. Mindlessness leads to stress, mistakes, burnout and much worse. 

With mindfulness training, employees are equipped with an evidence-based system of managing their thoughts, emotions and actions. Mindfulness improves how we focus, hit our numbers, ship creative work, bounce back from setbacks, and interact with team members and clients. Mindfulness is a game-changing skill for companies and teams.

Business Benefits

Effective mindfulness training improves all aspects of performance at work


Improved Retention

Better business results

Higher focus

More engagement

stronger culture

I always thought meditation, also known as mindfulness practice, was for people who live in a yurt or collect crystals. As it turns out, there’s all this science that says it can boost your immune system, reduce your blood pressure and rewire key parts of your brain.
— Dan Harris, ABC News Anchor for Nightline and Weekend Edition of Good Morning America

There's a zoo in your head

Brain Science

Over 500 peer-reviewed studies at Oxford, Harvard and other institutions support
the positive brain benefits of mindfulness meditation. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.47.38.png

Reduce Stress

Mindfulness reduces cortisol ("the stress hormone") levels in the body that are produced by an overactive amygdala.

think clearly

Mindfulness slows the mind towards healthier frequency Theta brainwaves allowing more time between thoughts.

maintain focus

Multi-tasking often means "doing many things poorly". Mindfulness helps you focus and complete tasks on time.

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We have offices in London, UK and Raleigh, NC (USA) and deliver our training around the world. 

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