There is a calm revolution under way.
— Michael Acton Smith, founder of Mind Candy and author of Calm

6 facts to bring you up to speed

  1. £6.5 billion. Annual cost of stress to the UK economy.
  2. 2.5 hours. Average employee productivity lost each day due to distraction.
  3. Over 3,000 published scientific studies support the efficacy of mindfulness to improve our brains, health and happiness.
  4. Advances in neuroscience and brain imaging show we can train the mind to be calmer and happier.
  5. Leading companies like Google, eBay, Twitter, Deutsche Bank, Starbucks, TfL, IBM and Unilever are implementing mindfulness programmes to improve performance and employee wellbeing.
  6. TfL reported a 71% drop in days off related to stress, anxiety and depression after introducing mindfulness at work.

"Amazed and enthused." - Penguin Books

"Amazed and enthused."
- Penguin Books

What's the future? Calm minds.

Calmworks is London's leading company enabling businesses to "flip the switch" on a programme that trains mindfulness (not always using that word) and emotional intelligence in the workplace. Our products and bespoke corporate package improve leadership, teamwork, productivity and the wellbeing of working professionals.

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Calmworks delivers mindfulness as an effective technique to reduce stress levels in the workplace and in general. They only need an hour of your time to show you that their techniques work and how to implement them in your own time. Employers should run sessions on a monthly basis to help their employees focus on the present moment in a world where we are ever pushed for timelines and ahead planning.
— Cristina Martin-Fernandez, Ogilvy Healthworld

I have found Calmworks unbelievably helpful and it has dropped stress levels noticeably.
— Sam Mason, CTO at Steer

Calmworks products


Calmworks Connect is our online learning platform and community to bring mindfulness and emotional intelligence into your professional life and company culture. Pre-register Now.


In your office or in quality venues around London - choose from One Hour Taster, the Half Day Mindfulness CourseOngoing Workshops or a Corporate Package

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WeWork encourages members to be entrepreneurial and tenacious while maintaining a healthy routine that will give them the vitality and energy to do what they love. At our South Bank building we do this through our ‘Wellness Wednesday’ series of events, and are working with Calmworks to build mindfulness into this. This benefits members looking to maintain a healthy balance and we’ve found the workshops to be a fantastic fit. Participation and feedback has been very positive, with members indicating they feel more calm, focused and energised as a result.
— Deborah Rippol - Community Lead, WeWork London

Live Events

Mindfulness Summit

Calmworks hosted the Mindfulness Summit to explore and debate the role of mindfulness in the future of work.
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CEOs, HRDs, Founders and senior leaders from Pret a Manger, Google Ventures, IKEA, Linklaters, UK Broadband, Skimlinks, Marie Curie, FitFlop, Just Giving, Pearson, Board Intelligence, Bacardi-Martini, Glasses Direct, Ruffer, Forward Partners and many more.

Secret Monday 

Secret Monday is a monthly event with Londoners interested in the power of mindfulness and meditation to be happier and more successful in their work and life. At a secret location in central London.

Next one is 8th of June 2015. Sign up here.


When the fashion etailer Lyst launched a weekly mindfulness programme [with Calmworks] for its 75 techie employees in Hoxton Square, the aim was to reduce stress and boost productivity — ultimately, to gain a competitive edge. The surprise result however was team bonding.
— Article excerpt

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