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Mindfulness in a Day - Thursday 29 October

Time: 10am - 5pm
Location: Central London near Moorgate, an oasis of inspiration and calm

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Mindfulness in a Day

A one day immersive course for professionals and teams to learn understand the history, neuroscience and practical application of mindfulness in work and life. (London)
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6-Week Mindful Leadership Course - Online

£185 or $280

The course takes place online starting Monday 5 October 2015. Each course will be available for one week in case you miss the live class.

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Mindful Leadership

A 6-week online course for leaders and rising leaders to become more mindful, present and emotionally aware in their roles. 
45 minutes online training each week. (Online)
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Mindfulness Taster Workshop & Corporate Package

For companies that want to roll out a company-wide mindfulness programme, we offer a 3-step corporate package focused on long-term impact. It starts out with one or several 90-minute taster sessions in your office, then a consultation and a series of modules delivered for your teams in your office or online. (Worldwide)
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Why Mindfulness matters.

We're all under pressure to perform. 

Stress leads to unhealthy levels of cortisol in our immune systems, shortens our life span, makes it hard to sleep and impacts our effectiveness at work and home. Stress is a form of dis-ease that we have to tackle.

Mindfulness is a widely scientifically-supported practice proven to reduce stress while improving health and performance by leading neuroscientists and embraced by FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes and other high performers. 

When the fashion etailer Lyst launched a weekly mindfulness programme [with Calmworks] for its 75 techie employees in Hoxton Square, the aim was to reduce stress and boost productivity — ultimately, to gain a competitive edge. The surprise result however was team bonding.
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