Mindfulness training for high performance at work

Over 500 peer-reviewed studies at Oxford, Harvard and other institutions support
the positive brain benefits of mindfulness meditation. 

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Reduce Stress

Mindfulness reduces cortisol ("the stress hormone") levels in the body that are produced by an overactive amygdala.

think clearly

Mindfulness slows the mind towards healthier frequency Theta brainwaves allowing more time between thoughts.

maintain focus

Mindfulness activates neuroplasticity, increasing grey matter in the Prefrontal Cortex, improving emotion regulation. 

A peek into our 2-hour Taster Session


Calm your Mind:
Understanding Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Amidst the hustle, bustle and chaos of life there exists an oasis of calm. It’s in your own body and mind. Don't worry if you've never meditated before or know nothing about mindfulness or emotional intelligence. 

  • Definition, history and neuroscience of Mindfulness
  • Overview of research and discoveries in how our brain and emotions evolved and can be 'tamed'  
  • Three brief mindfulness meditation practices (1 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes)
  • Practical techniques for applying mindfulness in your daily work and life
  • Case studies of various Corporate Mindfulness Programmes and Outcomes

Stronger, sharper, more self-aware people

Our training is for you and your company if you want:

EnhanceD focus

Happier outlook

Less stress


More creativity

Lower blood pressure

Less anxiety

Calmer pLace to Work

“My favourite part has been the different activities I have learnt to get myself into the mindfulness state and how much more relaxed and focused I feel.”
— Sam Mason, CTO at Steer
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My favourite part of the session was taking part in a group body scan meditation. We collectively meditated for over 15 minutes, quite an achievement. I’d had a difficult week and was suffering from jet lag and the body scan helped me re-connect with myself.
— Gemma Knox, Head of Business Growth at Sunshine

Are you an HR Manager?

We were initially sceptical about mindfulness. That's why we teach it with a very strong foundation in neuroscience, case studies and a focus on the practical applications for work and life.

Similar to Leadership, we see Mindfulness as an essential skill that separates great performers from those that struggle.  

We focus on the tough questions like: How can we use this today? What specific problem is this going to solve? What's the point? 

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